Join the movement as a Population Health Activator (PHA)

Consider joining fellow health care change agents from across the country in committing to the P2PH movement as a Population Health Activator (PHA). PHAs will be added to an email listserv to be the first to know about P2PH virtual and in-person opportunities where they can share with and learn from one another in order to accelerate their progress. As a PHA, we ask that you commit to:

  • Downloading and reading the Pathways to Population Health Framework;
  • Utilizing the Compass to assess your organization’s balance of activities across portfolios;
  • Developing an Action Plan based on your Compass findings;
  • Joining P2PH engagement opportunities;
  • Assessing your progress over time by using the Compass every six months and updating your Action Plan accordingly; and
  • Celebrating and sharing your progress with others in the P2PH movement—share examples of how your organization is benefitting from P2PH with

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