There are two primary ways to join the P2PH movement: as a Population Health Activator (PHA) or as a Pioneer Sponsor.

Become a Population Health Activator (PHA)

If you are an individual, consider joining fellow health care change agents from across the country in committing to the P2PH movement as a Population Health Activator (PHA). Population Health Activators will be the first to know about Pathways to Population Health virtual and in-person opportunities to share with and learn from one another, and accelerate their progress. As a Population Health Activator, you will commit to:

  • Downloading the Pathways to Population Health Framework;
  • Utilizing the Compass to assess your organization’s balance of activities across portfolios, and submitting your assessment score;
  • Developing an Action Plan;
  • Assessing your progress over time by using the Compass quarterly and updating your Action Plan accordingly; and
  • Celebrating and sharing your progress with others in the P2PH movement.
  • Sign up here.

Become a Pioneer Sponsor

We are indebted to our current Pioneer Sponsors for leading the way by spreading the word and engaging others in this movement. If your organization would like to learn more about joining them in charting the path forward, please email us at

Stay Connected

Do you want to stay connected to the P2PH movement and hear about virtual and in-person events? Sign up here.