While the Pathways to Population Health Framework is intended to help organizations chart a path forward on the journey to population health, the Compass is a tool to help you catalogue your current population health efforts as well as identify opportunities to make practical, meaningful, and sustainable advances in population health.

The Compass is ideally suited for individuals or teams with agency to advance population health improvement efforts within their organization. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. It helps you see the balance of your current activities within and across portfolios, and identify areas you may wish to focus on to accelerate your population health improvement efforts. We recommend using the Compass every six months to assess your progress over time.

Take the Compass
You can download a paper version of the online tool here.

An Action Planning Form and several curated resources to support your efforts are available in the Oasis on the Improve page.

Have you taken the Compass more than once and seen an improvement in any of your scores? We would love to hear your story! Email P2PH@ihi.org.

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